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Am I a Sex Addict?

Is your sexual behavior out of control? Is your spouse concerned you may be a sex addict? Sex addiction counseling with Dr. Rothenberg can help keep sex from being an intrusive element of your life.

Sexual Addiction Self-Assessment

Do you spend an increasing amount of time engaged in online sexual activity (viewing porn /using apps/sexting)?

Do you lose track of time while online?

Is your use of hookup apps for seeking out and sexting sexual partners bleeding into your work, school, or family time?

Does one hour online frequently turn into several hours?

Do you regularly find yourself online after other members of your household have gone to sleep?

Do you find yourself tired the next day after spending your evenings online?

Have you been told that you’ve become emotionally distant?

Does your sexual behavior feel outside of your control?

Are you spending an increasing amount of time online that you would previously have spent with your spouse, partner, family or children?

Does your online activity serve as a replacement for something that is missing in your relationship?

Do you feel that you have a sexual addiction?

Do you consider yourself to be sexually compulsive?

Are you engaged in online sexual activity while at work?

Have you  found yourself viewing or seeking increasingly hardcore or illegal material?

Do you try to stop but eventually find yourself engaged in online sexual activity?

If you answered yes to three or more questions, you might be
experiencing online sexual addiction.


I Understand.
I Care.
I Can Help.

The Center for Counseling and Sexual Health, specializes in treatment for online sexual activity.  Dr. Rothenberg will work together, with you, to provide you with intensive, specialized, individual therapy in order to help you to develop and achieve your goals to create a happier, more fulfilling and rewarding life. 

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