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Sexuality and Illness

Health and Sexuality

Sexuality and Illness

We are all sexual beings and our sexuality is, very often, a concern for
individuals in both health and in illness.

Sometimes we’re uncomfortable, embarrassed or even too shy to discuss our
sexual concerns with medical professionals and it might even appear that
some medical professionals are, sometimes, uncomfortable discussing our
sexual concerns with us.

Dr. Rothenberg provides specialized counseling for patients and caregivers
who have questions about their illness, sex and sexuality. His open, non-
judgmental style puts people at ease and helps them to feel comfortable
discussing topics that are, in fact, sometimes hard to talk about.

Sexual Arousal
Sexual Positions
Sexual Behaviors
Body Image and Sexuality


Caregiver Issues
Spousal/Partner Caregivers
Adult Child Caregivers
Sexual Outlets

Shock and Sexuality
Denial and Sexuality
Isolation and Sexuality
Anger and Sexuality
Bargaining and Sexuality
Depression and Sexuality
Acceptance and Sexuality
Acknowledgement and Sexuality

Sexuality and Loss
Sexuality and Grief
Bereavement and Sexuality
Terminal Illness and Sexuality

Sexuality and Multiple Sclerosis
Sexuality and Cancer